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The mission of the UNBOXED Conference has been to provide a groundbreaking platform for Christians to gather together and discuss a range of important and sometimes controversial presentations in a healthy way.

The structure of the conference combined with other unique elements creates a safe and honest culture with participants, leading to a breeding ground of good ideas that encourages experimentation in thinking and methodology.


The UNBOXED conference brand is focused on providing strength through the simplicity of human connection.

The logo is an uncomplicated black and white color scheme, and conference itself is designed to cut away clutter in a minimalistic yet powerful method to foster focused learning and conversations.

Thus, the challenge was to take the existing logo and breathe energy and life into it through animation using minimalism and strength, to match the brand voice.


The solution was found in harnessing the energy of the logo itself, and not introducing any extraneous or flashy elements.

Starting with a closed box and opening it up one flap at a time with playful energy created the feeling of discovery and excitement that comes with opening a new box.

After all, who doesn’t love that new box from Amazon?

By keeping the focus of attention on the box itself, and the excitement of “the unboxing”, the simplicity and strength of the brand voice was reinforced.

Additionally, versions were created with no background music for other contexts.

This animated logo was used in a number of ways.

It was put at the beginning of each online videos of the conference presentations, as seen in this video:

Marcus De Carvalho – Anxiety: The Evolution of Negative Thinking – Unboxed 2018 from UNBOXED Conference on Vimeo.


It spiced up promotional videos, as seen at the very end of this video:


It was also used live on the screens in the background (no audio version) during the conference to reinforce the brand and create energy.


Animated logos can be used as a powerful tool to help reinforce a brand’s identity and voice through video. Even the most basic videos can feel more professional and have more spice with an animated logo, and an animated logo can also help branding reach a new level during live events.

Be sure to hire someone who understands brand voice and does professional animation, so that your brand gets correctly reinforced to your audience.

Motion Graphics, Sound Design: Jonathan Perkins

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