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The branding mission here was to reveal the unique identity of this startup and get its voice to ring out from among the crowd.

Starting from scratch with no existing name, branding, or logo, the first step was to go through a “Discovery Phase” and determine the priorities and core values of the startup to create a cohesive brand voice.

Then the website and communication channels were developed and created.


Once the Discovery Phase was complete and the name of the startup was established, the logo was created and rolled out.

The symbolism of the logo is the church was to help create a spiritual bridge between men and God, and to each other. The tagline was created for the church to summarize their mission, which was “Connecting people to God and each other”.

We then animated the logo to be used at the beginning or end of their videos. Animating a logo breathes energy and life into it. On platforms like YouTube, animating the logo makes it feel modern and reinforces the brand in a simple way.

The logo was then applied in a number of ways throughout communication channels, business cards and invitations, tshirts and gear, etc.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Most people will meet your website before they meet you. That’s why we believe it’s so important for your website to reflect who you are to the world.

The priority of the Bridge website was to create a great experience for friends and new people who are checking out the church for the first time.

The end goal of the web design was to have a modern, fun vibe that let that brand tone come through in a clean, easy-to-use user interface.

Another goal was very practical. Because the Bridge was a startup church and didn’t have the manpower to update the website on a consistent basis, we designed the site to feel fresh on every page but barely need updating.

We customized the Bridge website to have a unforgettably unique and modern look unique that presented their content in an effective way and even had a store for supporters to buy swag and gear. After all, who doesn’t love a great tshirt or mug supporting an organization you love?

A huge percentage of people will access websites via their mobile devices, and often websites are not optimized to be viewed on mobile devices and look terrible. We made sure that the Bridge website was mobile responsive and provided a perfect experience on phones and tablets as well and laptops and desktops.

From front to back, on laptops or phones, every pixel of the Bridge website was thought through and designed to spotlight who they are to the world.

Special thanks to Bartosz Janowski for his coding skills, and to OMG Chris for animation work.


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