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Buzzsprout, a podcast hosting company, has been looking to harness YouTube as a platform to spread the word about their hosting platform and energize their base.

As a company that devotes themselves to empowering independent podcasters, they desired to get their mission and message across to new and existing customers. Video is a perfect vehicle to coach podcasters on how to successfully reach their goals, and also builds tremendous authenticity and trust for the brand as people see video with different Buzzsprout employees helping them.


Having tried to do a few videos on their own and not being satisfied with the results, they came to Fallingscalesmedia wanting to get a significant quality upgrade on the new videos for their channel.


After sitting down with the client to understand the needs and the values of the brand, we drafted ideas of topics for the first set of videos. The first video we produced, a Rodecaster Pro gear review, grabbed 2.3k views in only 2 months with their channel having 67 subscribers.

Although the beginning of starting a channel is usually the toughest to see results, it has been encouraging to see Buzzsprout gaining momentum. In the first 2 months, their subscriber count has more than tripled to 270 subscribers.

This is another example of a video we completed for Buzzsprout that we produced from start to finish.

A great benefit of hiring Fallingscalesmedia is that it gives Buzzsprout employees the power to connect with their customer base through video, but they have the freedom to stay focused on their mission.

Producing, lighting, audio, filming, editing, color correction, motion graphics, and YouTube thumbnail: Jonathan Perkins

  • Producing
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Motion Graphics
  • YouTube Thumbnail
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