Promo Video with Interview: Sheep Not Goats

Sheep Not Goats, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that employs locals in Nicaragua through special programs on a 2.25 acre farm, wanted to get the word out about their mission to help people. Additionally, they also wanted invite people to join their efforts through financial support.


Though Sheep Not Goats is devoted to helping the people of Nicaragua and is doing amazing and inspiring work, they needed help getting their story out to the world.


After talking with them and looking at some b-roll roll footage they had, we sat down and filmed them in an interview, and then we worked to weave their story together in a compelling video that they could share all around the world..

Posted on YouTube and Facebook, the video inspired and motivated many current and new supporters, and resulted in a great inflow of donations and revenues to help the people of Nicaragua.

On Facebook, the video has 1.6k views and 27 shares.

Addition to spreading their story on social media platforms, the video is extremely useful as a tool in live and online presentations to individuals, organizations, and the media.

Executive Producer: Jonathan Perkins
Lighting, Filming, Editing, Motion Graphics: Frank Suarez
Live Audio: Jhun Bacani

  • Sheep Not Goats
  • Producing
  • Lighting
  • Filming
  • Audio
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics
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