Promo Video: UNBOXED Conference

The mission of the UNBOXED Conference has been to provide a groundbreaking platform for Christians to gather together and discuss a range of important and sometimes controversial presentations in a healthy way.


Presenters with unique perspectives give compelling Ted Talk style presentations to a room full of participants at round tables.

After each presentation, participants openly but respectfully discuss their thoughts and views on the presentation. Then each table shares some of what they deliberated on with the entire room.

The conference structure combined with other unique elements creates a safe and honest culture with participants, leading to a breeding ground of good ideas that encourages experimentation in thinking and methodology.


However, being new on the conference scene, there was a need to not only promote the conference, but also educate the general public on what makes the UNBOXED Conference different, its values, and what to expect.


A promotional video was a perfect solution. Not only can video be easily shared, but video also allows for a lot of information to be quickly consumed in a short amount of time. In this case, key speakers needed to be highlighted and the UNBOXED values and expectations needed to be clearly expressed.

We worked on weaving all of those elements together in a short video in a video that could be easily shared on social media platforms and YouTube, and also in the UNBOXED newsletter.

This video served as a promotional tool to attract new participants and energize the UNBOXED base.

Filming: Frank Suarez
Editing: Jonathan Perkins
Motion Graphics: Jonathan Perkins

  • UNBOXED Conference
  • Producing
  • Lighting
  • Filming
  • Audio
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics

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